Who We Are

Solidariedade Imigrante is a non-profit national association for the defense of immigrants’ rights in Portugal, created in 2001. .

We want everyone to be able to exercise their rights, regardless of country of origin, religion, ethnicity and gender, through the struggle for equal rights.

We belong to several networks of national and international associations, namely the Platform of Immigrant Associations, the Network to Combat Social Exclusion and Poverty, the Article 65 Platform – Housing for everyone, the No-Vox Network; we are also one of the promoters of the Portuguese Social Forum.

We fight daily for financial autonomy. Those we help also help the association, joining and paying their dues, in an attitude of responsibility and in creating a sense of belonging.


Solidarity Immigrant is a national, not-for-profit organisation, set up in 2001 in order to defend the rights of immigrants in Portugal.

We claim an independent voice, so we may fully take part in the struggle for the defense of our common rights and interests.
We want everyone to be in a position to exercise their rights as citizens, without regard to country of origin, religion, race or gender.

We belong to various national and international organization networks: Platform of Immigrant Associations, Network to Combat Social Exclusion and Poverty, the Article 65 Platform – Housing for tod@s and the No-Vox network. We are also part of the Portuguese social forum.

We are a resistance and pressure group. We believe in solidarity between Portuguese and foreign citizens, in order to defend interests that are common to all workers.

Our organization counts thousands of members, from over 80 different countries. Every day, we keep up the fight for our financial autonomy.

Those who help us, help the organisation, through their membership and monthly contribution, in a spirit of dependability, in a shared struggle.