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About the campaign:

The ImigrArte Festival was  created in 2007 by the association Solidariedade Imigrante , a non-profit and public utility organization based in Lisbon.
 This year the ImigrArte Festival, which is in its 10th edition, will take place on the  12th and 13th of November , in a location to be defined in the center of Lisbon.
With this campaign, the organization seeks to raise the necessary funds for the expenses of renting the space for the event and the rental of sound, lighting and technical equipment. These expenses represent around 40% of the festival’s budget. The remaining 60% are covered by the association Solidariedade Imigrante, as a promoting entity. With the help from this campaign, we will be able to improve conditions for all participants.

With the ImigrArte Festival, we seek to highlight and enhance the social and cultural values ​​of immigrant communities by promoting dialogue between different cultures and necessarily between Portuguese citizens and immigrant citizens. With this initiative, we try to bring together and establish links between the various immigrant communities, highlighting and promoting their arts and cultures, promoting their initiatives, as well as those of their descendants.

In its organization, which counts on the partnership of numerous immigrant associations and others, they are the ones who make the decisions, who prepare the program and who manage part of this event. Organized entirely by volunteers and with the presence of around 250 artists, this event is today an important social and cultural reference for the city of Lisbon, involving the participation of a large immigrant community.

The more than 30 participating associations, representing around 25 nationalities and different cultures, also participate in this event with stalls where it is possible to enjoy the gastronomy and handicrafts of the immigrant communities.

The ImigrArte Festival has several initiatives such as the gastronomy of the world, debates and conferences, exhibitions and film cycles, workshops, concerts, dance, literature and theater, among others. A total of 26 shows and 16 parallel activities are presented, with the festival having an average of 3,500,000 visitors on both days.

The ImigrArte Festival has had the support of partners such as Fundação Museu do Oriente, Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, Fundação O Século e Cozinha O Século, Lisbon City Council, Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa, EGEAC, RTP2 , SIC, RTPÁfrica, TVGlobo, RDPÁfrica, Antena 1, the newspaper Slovo, the Brasileirinho magazine and with several websites and online agendas.

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