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About the campaign:

The ImigrArte Festival was born in 2007, inside the association Solidariedade Imigrante a non-profit organisation of public utility, based in Lisbon, Portugal.

With Festival ImigrArte, we seek to highlight the social and the cultural potential of the immigrants by promoting dialogs between the various foreign communities as well between Portuguese citizens and foreign citizens.

With this initiative we build bridges between the various foreign communities; enhance the initiative of the descendants and promote the art and culture produced by immigrants and their descendants. In the organization of the festival, done in partnership with numerous immigrant associations, the artists and the activists are the immigrants themselves and they are the ones who make the decisions, work out the program and generate the entire event.

Organized entirely by volunteers, this event is considered today as an important social and cultural reference of Lisbon. It involves the voluntary participation of 250 artists from more than 25 countries and it is divided into areas such as music, dance, theatre, cinema, visual arts, photography, literature and crafts.

The program also contains the presence of 30 immigrant associations, various initiatives, international gastronomy, debates, conferences and workshops. About 26 shows and 16 parallel activities are presented and the festival reaches around 3500 visitors.

The ImigrArte has relied on logistical support and partnerships with the Museu do Oriente Foundation, the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, the O Século Foundation, the Lisbon City Council, the Santa Casa da Misericordia of Lisboa, EGEAC, RTP 2, SIC, RTPÁfrica, TVGlobo, RDPÁfrica, Antena 1, the newspaper Slovo, the magazine Brasileirinho and several online sites and agendas.

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