Premiere and Exhibition of the Play “EU Sou Mediterraneo: A Show on the Banality of Evil” in June in Lisbon. With the Support of Immigrant Solidarity

The asso. Solidariedade Imigrante is pleased to invite you to attend the play “EU SOU MEDITERRÂNEO: A show on the banality of evil” to premiere in June in Lisbon.

With our support in the research and discussion phase with the creators and in the dissemination, we are looking forward to seeing the result of months and months of research and artistic work that this company has had and that in this play deals with the human dramas of immigration in the Mediterranean and the its cold and cruel reality .

To not lose!!

I don’t belong to any of the revolutionary generations. I belong to a constructive generation. (Eça de Queiros)
We are the voice of the social and literary echoes of contemporary reality. We are cannibals and here is our cannibalistic dramaturgy. In it lies the split between a civilized West and a barbaric Islam. In it lies the statistics of misery. In it lie the children whose lives are stolen in the Gaza Strip. In it lies Hunger, War, Suffering and Despair. Therein lies the widespread ignorance of Islam. In it lie the Middle East Wars that the West supports militarily and whose deaths underpin the world economy. In it lie the attacks against Human Rights and the mass slaughter of civilians. In it lies Europe’s biggest migratory and humanitarian crisis. In it lie the persecutions by the jihadists. In it lies laughter, the mortgage of life. A fiction, a fact and an artivist manifesto. We are a non-place, fragments of dissonant cultures. I am the dead. I am mediterranean. A show about the banality of evil…

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