For the regularization of the undocumented against the xenophobic wave and against the Sarkozy Pact

In solidarity with the struggle that is taking place in Europe and in the world against racist and xenophobic policies, here we are also going to fight for the regularization of all immigrants, without exception, every man/woman – a document. Immigrant, human rights, anti-racist, cultural, religious and trade union organizations have decided to schedule for the next 12 October , Sunday at 3 pm, at Martim Moniz, a day of action for the regularization of the undocumented, against wave of xenophobia and against the Sarkozy Pact On the 15th and 16th of October, the European Council will gather the heads of state and government of the 27 to ratify the “ EUROPEAN PACT on IMMIGRATION and ASYLUM

“, approved by the Council of Ministers held on 25 September. The Pact proposed by Nicolas Sarkozy, in the context of the French presidency of the European Union, aims to define the general lines of the EU in this matter and is based on five fundamental points : organizing legal immigration, prioritizing the adoption of the “blue card”, for recruitment of -qualified labor; facilitating expulsion mechanisms and procedures and establishing partnerships with third and transit countries to that end; implement a European asylum policy; strengthen border control; prohibit collective regularization processes .

After the approval of the Return Directive, with the favorable vote of the Portuguese Government, these measures represent yet another shame for Europe. The security treatment of migration, the definition of discriminatory criteria for access to work, the deepening of the criminalization of migration, the militarization and externalization of borders through FRONTEX and the persecution of the approximately 8 million undocumented and work in Europe – to whom expulsion is the only way out – are measures that aim to consolidate a Fortress Europe, of which we cannot but be ashamed.

In Portugal, the recent wave of media coverage of crime and recent statements by government officials who treated immigrants as scapegoats for the increase in crime, make room for xenophobic and racist pressures, and create an environment conducive to disaccountability. from the government. At stake is the need to regularize tens of thousands of immigrants who face serious difficulties in regularizing their situation.

These are men and women who sought to escape misery, hunger, insecurity, forced to leave their countries as a result of global warming and other climate changes, or who simply tried to change their lives, but who were not recognized as having the right to seek better life conditions. These are people who have found no option but to go underground, often victims of unscrupulous networks, and who are confronted with a law that cynically says that “every case is a case”, making the rule the exception and refusing to to the generality of immigrants the recognition of their human dignity. Of particular note is the situation of immigrants without entry visas, to whom the law refuses any opportunity for legalization.

SIGNATORY ORGANIZATIONS: Humanist Action Coop. and Des.; ACRP; ADECKO; AIPA – Signed immigrant in the Azores; APODEC; Signed Capeverdeanade Lisbon; Signed Cuban PR; Signed African Student Support; Signed Lusophonia, Cult. and Citizenship; Signed Mozambique Always; Signed of the Naturals of Pelundo; Signed of the Nepalese; Signed Togolese origins; Signed R. from Guinea-Conakry; Signed Living Eye; Signed Rec. Slope Improvements; Pungu Andongo Ballet; Lisbon House of Brazil; Big House of Brazil; Center P. Arab-Puular and Islamic Culture; tax Mumia Abu-Jamal; With. address Bº End of the World; GAIA; Khapaz – Ass. of Afro-descendent Youth; PT-Lisbon nucleus; Portuguese Catholic Work on Migration; Immigrant Solidarity; SOS Racism.

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