March 15TH Demonstration: Without Equal Rights We All Lose

Thousands of immigrants are still waiting for regularization. Without documents, they are subject to clandestinity, without rights and without social protection. The current law is hypocritical and maintains a vicious cycle: work is necessary to have the right to residency, but residency is needed to work, which leaves migrants in an alley that is difficult to get out of, makes their situation precarious and fuels “false contracts”. .

Many men and women are prevented from living with their families, due to the fact that they are poor and victims of exploitation by their employers and continue to pay exorbitant amounts for the acquisition and renewal of their documents, violating the principle of equality.

With a few exceptions, migrants do not have the right to vote, which limits their citizenship rights.

All this contributes to greater social exclusion, poverty and marginality, which only fuel xenophobia and racism – using migrants as scapegoats for society’s general problems. For all this, dissatisfaction and revolt increases, especially among young descendants who continually suffer the effects of ghettoization and exclusion.

Because migrants cannot just work and earn money, a group of organizations called a demonstration for next Sunday, March 15th, at 3 pm, at Martim Moniz.

PROMOTING ORGANIZATIONS: AAMA – Signed. Friends of Angolan Women, AAMA- Ass. Moitense Amigos Angola; AHCD- Humanist Action Coop. and Development ; Libertarian Alternative; Signed Cape Verdean Lisbon; Signed Cubans Res. Portugal; AGUINENSO – Signed. Guinean Solid. Social; Signed Jose Afonso; Signed Luso-Senegalese; Signed Lusophony Culture and Citizenship; ANPRP – Signed Naturals of the Pelundo Res. in Portugal; Signed Origins of Togo; Signed Res. Guinea-Conakry Portugal; Signed Cape Verdean Solidarity Margem Sul; Signed Ukrainians in Portugal; Pungu Andongo Ballet; Lisbon House of Brazil; CGTP – Inter Union; Moldovan Cultural Center; Mumia Abu-Jamal Collective; Anti-Racist Front; GAFFE – A Formiga Fora da Estrada Group; KHAPAZ; Migrant Woman;Catholic Work Port. of Migration; Living Eye; GUETTO Platform; South Hospitality Union; SPGL – Sind. Profs Greater Lisbon; Synd. Works Municipality Lisbon; Synd. work serv. Ordinance Vig. House cleaning. Miscellaneous Acts; Immigrant Solidarity-Ass. Defense of Immigrant Rights; SOS Racism; UMAR – Alternative and Response Women’s Union; Union Unions Lisbon.

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