The mega raid carried out yesterday between Martim Moniz, the Intendente and the entire area of ​​Almirante Reis aimed at the rehabilitation of this area of ​​the city (!?), through the promotion of a true hunting action against “illegals, drugs and prostitutes”, combined with the inspection of situations of illegal trade and referral of situations of “social vulnerability”.

For this, an army of 300 agents was mobilized, from 9 police forces, inspection services and even the City Council’s social action service. The only thing missing was the participation of ACIDI, with a view to promoting adequate intercultural dialogue in the midst of the “European Year for Intercultural Dialogue”…

There were 310 foreign citizens identified in a discriminatory attitude, the closure of 4 establishments, the seizure of two tons of fish and the inspection of several hostels and pensions.

We consider that the operation has taken on completely disproportionate proportions, it does not solve the social problems in the area at all, it represents a bad beginning of an alleged “rehabilitation” process – rehabilitation is not carried out with “drag-like” actions – it creates an atmosphere of intimidation over immigrants, in full process of regularization in Portugal, and feeds xenophobia.

At a time when the government is facing a serious crisis of popularity, this type of action comes in very handy: it diverts attention from the social and economic problems facing the country, and from the policies followed, and makes immigrants easy targets for retrograde and xenophobic populism. . Solidarity Imigrantes does not accept trying to make scapegoats of immigrants for the political and social crisis facing Portugal.

Any policy, program or action that effectively aims to transform Lisbon into a cosmopolitan city must count on the participation of all, including immigrants, men and women who, with their experience, culture, work and knowledge, contribute to the richness of diversity. what you want for Lisbon.

We inform you that Immigrant Solidarity will join all the discontents that have been expressed throughout the country and will actively participate in the demonstrations of April 25th and May 1st.

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