At the end of 2009, a new intervention project was prepared for the integration of immigrants. This area of ​​the association deals in a specific way with everything that has to do with labor issues: looking for work, resolving issues pending with the various institutions together with employers, whether it is lack of communication with the Authority for Working Conditions, lack of discount for social security, or any other situation that may exist, in addition to directing people to working life.

On a daily basis, the issue of active job search is about directing people in the process of active job search and professional training, with:

  • Guidance on the best way to look for a job; 
  • Job search techniques; 
  • Elaboration of a curriculum specific to the competences of each one; 
  • Guidance on the structuring of the “dossier” of the unemployed; 
  • How to behave in the interview;

This Employment Support Office is aimed at any person who is unemployed or looking for a change in work, whether or not they may be registered with the SEF (the Foreigners and Borders Service), assisting in situations regarding the first authorization to residence, or even for renovation or even to bring your family to live with you, since the means of subsistence is one of the most relevant aspects, not only the employment relationship, to continue in the national territory.

In addition to the joint service, the office also organizes an individual service, where the profile of the user is made for better referral or guidance. It also tries to support and accompany workers in the resolution of labor disputes: in the drafting of the contract, payment of wages in arrears, effective deduction for social security. It assists with regard to dismissal, termination of employment contract, requests for intervention to institutions, namely Social Security, Authority for the Condition of Work…

The Office will get in touch with several companies to refer users in search of work, as well as to mediate situations of problems, whether in terms of payment, discounts made, finalization of the employment contract and compliance with worker’s rights, in order to avoid issues of gender discrimination or even xenophobia.


A training section on immigrant health was carried out, together with the collaboration of the ACIDI training pool, in which 22 people participated, mostly linked to the office, so there will be other training sessions scheduled through this office.


Each activity carried out with the person who comes in search of help from our Office has the main objective of adapting and giving continuity to active life at a professional level in order to have access to all the basic rights of any citizen. 

A report carried out from December 2009 to July 2010 reveals a number of participants of 520, from 34 different countries, mostly from Guinea Bissau and Cape Verde. Regarding the legal situation of these participants, 66% of them were still in the regularization phase, having a degree of processes concluded favorably with regard to the placement and resolution of problems parallel to this issue, in a higher number than that given in the report.

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