Conf. Press: Sarkozy Pact and Human Ping-Pong on the Morocco-Algeria Border

(with the presence of a representative of the Pastoral Work for Migration and ABCDS-Morocco )


  • Return Directive;
  • European Pact on Immigration proposed by the French Presidency of the EU
  • The situation of sub-Saharan immigrants on the Morocco-Algeria border.

Immigrant Solidarity , together with Obra Pastoral para as Migrações , at the association’s headquarters, a press conference in order to expose our concerns regarding various proposals on migration that are under discussion at a European level: the Return Directive and the European Pact on Immigration proposed by the French Presidency of the EU.

The policy that has been implemented by the European Union in relation to immigration has fueled illegal immigration and, in particular, the strong investment in border control and repression, has contributed to the disrespect of human rights in the countries that border with the Schengen Area, namely Morocco and Algeria.

With a view to raising the awareness of the Portuguese authorities and public opinion about this situation, we invited Hicham Baraka, President of Ass. Beni Znassen for culture, development and solidarity, based in Oujda, Morocco, on the border with Algeria, to share with us her experience on the ground.

This association has denounced the situation of disrespect for the human rights of immigrants, especially sub-Saharan ones, experienced in Morocco. Hicham Baraka has been on the ground collecting information about the death of more than 28 immigrants on the coast of El Hoceima, due to the fact that the pneumatic boat where they were following was punctured by the Moroccan navy, and whose survivors were later abandoned on the Moroccan border with Algeria. .
At the press conference will be:

a short film about the situation of immigrants in Morocco was shown;

information collected by ABCDS on the situation of immigrants in Morocco was presented;

position on the Return Directive and the Sarkozy Pact and their effects on the degradation of migrants’ rights.

With the presence of:

– Dª Eugénia Costa Quaresma (Catholic Work for Migration)

– Hicham Baraka (ABCDS)

– Timóteo Macedo (Immigrant Solidarity)

Location: Rua da Madalena, 8 – 2º (near Terreiro do Paço)

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