9TH Edition of the Imigrarte Festival at the Ateneu Comercial de Lisboa on the 14TH and 15TH of November

The 9th Edition of the ImigrArte Festival is already here..

Next Saturday and Sunday (14th and 15th Nov) at the Ateneu Comercial de Lisboa, the festival opens its doors to all artists, associations and participants from 25 countries who thus share their talents and complicity with Portuguese society.

Organized by the association Immigrant Solidarity in partnership with numerous immigrant and Portuguese associations, ImigrArte is a project committed to the rights of immigrants in Portugal and in solidarity with all migrants from all over the world.

It promotes interculturality and citizenship.
Always next to the most excluded! For equal rights, for liberty and justice!

A festival made with the heart because we are all immigrants!

Don’t miss out…
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